How to use Brass Inserts for Plastic?

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How to use Brass Inserts for Plastic?
March 31, 2023

Brass threaded inserts are one category of fasteners. You can use them for assembling and dissembling plastic material. In recent years, their application has become very much popular.

When you are using plastic molding material like thermoplastic, elastomer, or thermosets, you can use inserts. The process is known as the Thermal installation process of brass threaded inserts.

Want to know the step-by-step process for that? Here, in this blog, you can get that. This process is useful in a wide variety of applications, e.g., 3D printing, automotive, electrical parts, home appliances, and so on.

The process at a glance

  • First, you should measure the outermost diameter of the insert. It has to be used for drilling a pilot hole in the plastic material.
  • Now, you are supposed to drill a pilot hole in the plastic. Use the appropriate drive tool for that. To get the right drill size, you should refer to the insert specification guide.
  • In the next step, you need to place the brass insert over the hole. It is suggested that one should read the insert specification and use a manual to find the right position of the insert. It is done using a soldering iron. The iron is heated up to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • With the lower grooves, which offer a good pull out resistance, it can be done easily. The upper vertical knurling offers nice torque out resistance. Thus, the insert remains in place.
  • When the soldering iron transfers heat to the brass inject, the heat is passed to the plastic part. Now, the insert is pushed into the hole using the soldering iron. It is pushed until the top of the insert remains flush with the plastic surface.
  • When large production is to be carried out, the same process can be done using a plastic injection molding machine.
  • If you want, then the surface can be polished a little. So that, it becomes flat and looks good. A simple flat file tool can be used to remove the excess molten plastic at the top of the surface.


The process is easy to finish. It is possible to get information about the use of brass inserts for plastic, their installation, and application. Good service providers are there, who can carry out the work on a contractual basis.

However, it is also possible to establish the infrastructure so that the process can be done in-house. It does not involve complex technology and resources.

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