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March 21, 2017

Brass Pipe Fittings are highly durable and they are used for various purposes in the automobile industries, metal industries, construction and many others. They are widely used for fabricating various components like plumbing fittings, pipe fittings, nipple fittings, screws and others. There are many Top Brass Pipe Fittings Manufacturers producing different types of pipe fittings to suit various applications of different industries.

Why choose brass forged fittings?

The brass pipe or forged fittings are selected for the following main reasons :

  • The Top quality brass fitting products will assure leakage free connection
  • They are manufactured with close supervision of experts and they are also tested for their quality
  • They can work well in any environmental conditions
  • They are popular for their dimensional accuracy and high performance
  • They are also used in agriculture, gas pipelines, commercial and many other sectors
  • Brass fittings are chemical, heat, acid and mineral resistant
  • They last long for many years

Different Types of Brass Pipe Fittings

Venus Enterprise is one of the leading brass fittings manufacturers in India engaged in manufacturing and exports of high quality brass components. The Brass Pipe Fittings Suppliers offer various types of products according to the specific needs of the customers. They can supply the brass hose fittings and other products in different sizes, dimensions, design, codes, standards and fitting types. These high quality brass pipe fittings feature complex engineering. Moreover, the manufacturing also passes through various processes such as ;

  • Centrifugal casting: This is also known as roto-casting used for thin walled cylinders, plastic and glass
  • Die casting: This method of manufacturing is used for forcing molten metal and passes through mould for   creating items
  • Continuous casting: This is also known as strand casting and used for solidifying molten metals to get final finish
  • Evaporative pattern casting: This type of casting process is uses evaporating technology

Now we see different types of brass pipe fittings manufactured by the brass components manufacturers

  • Elbow: This helps to join two pipes and leads to change in direction. Elbow can be 45 degree and 90 degree
  • Union: This is used to disconnect pipes for fixture, maintenance and replacement purposes
  • Reducer: This helps to connect two pipes of different width
  • Tee: This is used to provide a regular flow of water or any liquid and this is the most commonly used pipe fittings
  • Coupling: This is used to connect two pipes and you can find this in different sizes and lengths. Commonly used Couplings are Hex reducing coupling and Female Coupling
  • Cross: This type feature four way and cross branch connection, in which the first cross is for inlet and rest of three are for outlet
  • Cap and plug: This type is used for transporting gases and liquids. Here the male thread pipe is connected with cap and female thread of pipe is connected to plug. The special industrial caps are usually in round shape.
  • Nipple: This type is made of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. They are also made of copper. This is the short stub of pipe used for connecting two fittings to provide a joint and used widely for plumbing purpose.

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