What are the 3 Fundamental Categories of Brass Fittings?

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What are the 3 Fundamental Categories of Brass Fittings
March 05, 2024

Brass is one of the best metal alloys. Copper and zinc are the key components of this alloy. Thus, they make it twice as effective. For plumbing pipe fittings, this is the preferred metal.

There is a large selection of brass pipe fittings available globally with different specifications. In this blog post, we will explore about the three basic categories of brass fittings.

Brass Pipe Fittings: What exactly are they? 

Connecting two pieces of a fitting is a brass pipe fitting. Various brass pipe fitting shapes and sizes are available. Any plumbing system needs fittings or joints. They carry out their improved duties and contribute to the smooth flow. The plumbing industry has a soft spot for brass. 

Different Types Of Brass Pipe Fittings

The shape of brass pipe fittings depends on their function. The three most popular brass pipe fittings used extensively are discussed here: 

  • Brass Elbow Fittings

The elbow fittings made of brass are curved. They alter the liquid’s direction of flow within a pipeline. There is a wide range of sizes and materials available for elbow fittings. Still, the ones you can trust the most are brass elbows.

Since elbows are so common, almost every plumbing system needs them. Both 45° and 90° elbow angles are common. The pipe can be bent 45 degrees with a brass elbow to change direction. We join pipes at right angles with the 90° elbow. 

  • Brass Couplings

Attaching coupling fittings is necessary for joining pipes of the same width. The coupling can either repair leaks or join two parallel pipelines. It is possible to use the coupling at the site of a pipe break by removing the damaged or broken section and then installing it. 

In terms of structural type, there are two varieties of coupling. It is easier to set up a slip coupling. It has a pair of interlocking pipes. You can fix the broken pipe by sliding one of them. A compression coupling seals off any potential leaks in a pair of pipes. It instantly stops any leaks, thanks to the seals on both sides. 

  • Brass Adapters

Pipes can have their threaded ends altered with brass adapters. The materials used to create threads can be those that are malleable. Adapters made of brass have two prongs. There are two types of threads: threaded and unthreaded.  There are two varieties of adapter threads. Outside, you can see male threads; inside, you can see female threads. A male adapter would be a bolt, while a female adapter would be a more appropriate example. 

Key Takeaways

Many people use and love brass pipe fittings. Brass fittings are best for both commercial and residential use. Brass has better qualities than other metals. Brass fasteners are resistant to high heat and pressure levels.

Brass does not wear out easily. Not only is brass strong, but it is also not brittle. You can choose the right kind for any use because it comes in many varieties offered exclusively by Venus Enterprise.

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