Top 5 Brass Inserts Manufacturers in USA

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Top 5 Brass Inserts Manufacturers in USA
February 24, 2022

List of Brass Inserts Manufacturers in USA

Brass Inserts are used for various reasons, for example to skip the step of machining thread, to repair a hole with stripped threads, or to add thread to material that is too thin to be tapped. A threaded insert is a sleeve with a threaded interior that can accept a bolt or threaded fastener. Venus Enterprise presents a list of top 5 brass inserts manufacturers in USA, if you are looking for brass threaded inserts suppliers then your search ends here.

Best Brass Inserts Suppliers in USA

  1. Yardley Inserts

Yardley Inserts is a U.S. manufacturer of high quality threaded brass insert fasteners serving a wide range of fastening applications for OEMs and various other industries. Since 1946, it has been delivering standard and custom manufactured threaded brass inserts for applications ranging from furniture and plastics to medical and electronics. Yardley’s brass inserts are designed to meet high tolerances, across a variety of materials ranging from wood, plastics, metals, and fiberglass. Flexibility in order size makes Yardley Inserts an ideal supplier of inserts for companies large and small, requiring no minimum quantities on special order parts.

  1. Venus Enterprise

Venus Enterprise is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters & OEM suppliers of brass inserts in USA. They are now leading as global brass inserts manufacturers and suppliers also have local sales office available in Michigan USA and manufacturing unit in India. Being an ISO 9001 ensured organization and in the field of manufacturing activities they contend us to remain contemporary by systemizing advance technologies, and arranging learning opportunities for all workers via Training Policy followed by health and environmental policies.

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  1. STADCO Precision

STADCO Precision is a precision machining company with extensive experience serving automotive, aerospace and medical manufacturers throughout the US, and worldwide. It produces parts of carbon steel, all stainless grades, brass, aluminum, Monel, Teflon and Delrin. It is a precision machining company with significant equipment and tooling assets, and an extensive database of technical resources.

  1. Abbott Interfast LLC

Abbott Interfast is manufactured and sources of the shelf standards or custom inserts made for a print or samples. With in-house manufacturing capabilities and direct importing they can ensure the highest quality at the most competitive price. It has continued to grow and expand its product offering over the years and now is a manufacturer and supplier of Automatic Screw Machine products, CNC products, Cold Headed products, Locknuts, Knobs and standard fasteners.  We have a 100,000 square foot facility located in Wheeling, Illinois.    

  1. M.A.S. Products, Inc.

M.A.S. Products, Inc.  has over 30 years of experience providing low cost, high quality products for the rotational molding industry. All of their Brass Inserts, Aluminum Inserts, Steel and Stainless Steel machined inserts, and Zinc Plated Inserts are made in the USA at our facility in Elkhart, Indiana.  They believe “Made in America” still stands for something. It is the leader in rotational molding inserts and supplying the plastic roto mold industry with high quality, low cost threaded inserts.

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