Brass Forged Parts Manufacturer

At Venus Enterprise, we offer high quality brass forging parts that are used in agriculture, electrical parts, automotive components, varied equipment’s, water and valve fittings, and electronic components. We are foremost brass forging parts manufacturer, suppliers and subject matter experts in India and abroad catering different industries.

We use specific brass material compositions as per client requirements. We utilize different platting’s which includes natural and nickel plated as well as special coatings.The brass forging parts come as elbows, tee’s, punching parts and generic forging parts. The material used in their manufacturing includes graded mild steel and high grade brass. Their finish and coating parts includes natural, nickel platting and zinc platting.

The brass forging process generates parts that are very stronger and powerful compared to that manufactured by other metal working processes.And this is the key reason why forgings are utilized where there are steadfast and human safety measures being taken care. We do hard work in providing top-most quality brass products have been recognized by the Industry. We are leading manufacturer of Brass Forged Parts and we manufacture it as per our client’s specifications and requirements.

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