Top 10 Brass Fittings Manufacturers in India

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Top 10 Brass Fittings Manufacturers in India
July 21, 2023

Brass fittings are plumbing or pipe connectors made from brass, a copper-zinc alloy known for its excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. These fittings are widely used in various industries, particularly in plumbing, gas, and hydraulic systems. Brass fittings are preferred for their durability, malleability, and ability to withstand high temperatures and pressure.

Brass fittings market in India was witnessing steady growth. Brass fittings are widely used in various industries, including plumbing, construction, automotive, and industrial applications, driving the demand for these products in the Indian market.

Best Brass Fittings Suppliers in India

Several companies were prominent brass fittings manufacturers in India. However, the rankings and status of companies can change over time, so it’s essential to verify the latest information.

List of Brass Fittings Manufacturers in India

Here are some of the top 10 brass fittings manufacturers in India:

  • Venus Enterprise

Venus Enterprise is one of the top brass fittings manufacturers in India engaged in manufacturing and exports of high-quality brass components. The brass fittings are made available to customers in various different dimensions.

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PBP is a well-known manufacturer and exporter of brass fittings, offering a wide range of products for various industries.

Prime Industrial Components is a reputed name in the industry, known for producing high-quality brass fittings and components.

With its focus on precision and quality, Deepak Brass Industries has earned a strong position in the market for its brass fittings.

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Vinayak Brass Industries is recognized for its diverse range of brass fittings used in different industrial applications.

Riddhi Brass Industries specializes in manufacturing precision brass fittings and components.

  • Savvy Brass Industries

Savvy Brass Industries is a significant player in the brass fittings manufacturing sector in India, catering to various industries.

Shiv Om Brass Industries is known for its quality brass fittings and components, serving both domestic and international markets.

Krishna Brass Products is a reputed manufacturer of brass fittings and other brass components.

Jamnagar Brass Fittings is a well-established company known for its wide range of brass fittings and components.

Please note that the brass fittings industry in India is vast and dynamic, with numerous manufacturers offering various products. To get the most current and comprehensive information on the top brass fittings manufacturers in India, We recommend consulting industry reports, trade directories, or conducting an online search.

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